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Press Registration Rules & Qualifications

Greenbuild limits complimentary press passes per each qualifying publication, website or news outlet at its discretion with a maximum of two. Greenbuild provides one complimentary press pass per qualifying blog. 

Complimentary registration for working press covering Greenbuild is subject to review each year. Having previously been issued a badge for Greenbuild does not waive this requirement, nor does it guarantee that credentials will be granted for this year’s show. Press members must submit new credentials each year to be considered for a media badge. Eligibility is subject to approval by Greenbuild. You will be notified if your request for complimentary press credentials is approved denied, or if additional information is needed to confirm your status.

Working press with complimentary credentials may not solicit business from exhibitors, spokespeople or attendees during Greenbuild.

Non-Editorial Media Representatives

Non-editorial employees of media organizations, including but not limited to marketing, public relations, advertising, account representatives, analysts, book authors, consultants, corporate media executives, film companies/production companies not on assignment, publishers, researchers, sales, etc., do not qualify for complimentary press registration. On-site soliciting by attendees with complimentary working press credentials is forbidden. Working press with complimentary credentials may not solicit business from exhibitors, spokespeople or attendees during Greenbuild. Non-editorial media representatives may register online through the paid registration process.

Other Media

Freelance journalists/photographers must be attending Greenbuild on behalf of at least one publication. Marketing, PR or other industry executives who contribute bylined articles to news outlets are not eligible for complimentary press registration.

To qualify, freelance journalists/photographers must provide:
  • A letter from an editor or producer on organization letterhead stating that you are covering Greenbuild on assignment for their news organization;
  • A bylined, industry-related article from the publication you are representing, published within the last six months.

Press registration for bloggers and other online media outlets will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Greenbuild.

Bloggers must demonstrate a history of regular editorial coverage of the green building industry and post bylined news at least weekly. Corporate blogs will not be considered.

To qualify, blogs must meet the following criteria: 
  • Must not be self-promoting and/or a third-party content aggregator;
  • Must have at least 10,000 unique visits per month;
  • Must have original content updated at least four times a week.
Only journalists with commercial news websites qualify for complimentary registration. Personal website writers, designers, editors and creators do not qualify for complimentary press registration.

To qualify, online media must meet the following criteria:
  • Must have a paid reporting staff of two or more;
  • Must post original, dated, industry-related news at least once per week;
  • Must have content that extends beyond newsletters, links, forums, personal diaries, analysis or opinion;
  • Must have readership of more than 1,000 per month.

To qualify, online media journalists must provide: 
  • A link to your online publication with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity;
  • A link to an industry-related article from your publication with your byline and published within the last six months (the copy must clearly show the name of the publication and your byline).


Video Policy/Film Crews

Greenbuild requires all film crews requesting permission to film on the show floor to register in advance as either a production company or a videography crew. Click below to read the full video policy.


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