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Past Events

Launched in 2002, Greenbuild has been held in a variety of locations from east coast to west, north to south and even Canada. The list below is a visual demonstration of the passion of the green movement in the past 15 years. No matter the city, Greenbuild continues to draw thousands of people together and we look forward to continuing to spread its message in the years to come.

Greenbuild 2016: Los Angeles

Total Registered:
Countries represented: 

Greenbuild 2008: Boston
Total registered: 28,224
Exhibitors: 807
Countries represented: 85  

Greenbuild 2015: Washington, DC
Total Registered: 19,058
Exhibitors: 548
Countries represented: 96 

Greenbuild 2007: Chicago
Total registered: 22,726
Exhibitors: 479
Exhibitor booths: 874 booths/24 tables
Countries represented: 66
Conference sessions: 105

Greenbuild 2014: New Orleans
Total Registered: 17,058
Exhibitors: 552
Countries represented: 76

Greenbuild 2006: Denver
Total registered: 13,329
Exhibitors: 477
Exhibitor booths: 751 booths/27 tables
Countries represented: 43
Conference sessions: 77

Greenbuild 2013: Philadelphia
Total Registered: 23,066
Exhibitors: 739
Countries represented: 86

Greenbuild 2005: Atlanta
Total registered: 9,724
Exhibitors: 414
Exhibitor booths: 582 booths/25 tables
Countries represented: 30
Conference sessions: 90

Greenbuild 2012: San Francisco
Total Registered: 24,660
Exhibitors: 862
Countries represented: 90

Greenbuild 2004: Portland
Total registered: 8,122
Exhibitors: 381
Exhibitor booths: 481 booths/25 tables
Countries represented: 21
Conference sessions: 60

Greenbuild 2011: Toronto
Total Registered: 23,000
Exhibitors: 916
Countries represented: 128

Greenbuild 2003: Pittsburgh
Total registered: 5,284
Exhibitors: 299
Exhibitor booths: 400
Countries represented: 22
Conference sessions: 70

Greenbuild 2010: Chicago
Total Registered: 28,193
Exhibitors: 1,017
Countries represented: 114 

Greenbuild 2002: Austin
Total registered: 4,189
Exhibitor booths: 220
Countries represented: 27
Conference sessions: 80

Greenbuild 2009: Phoenix
Total Registered: 27,373
Exhibitors: 1,036
Countries represented: 66

Videos are available of the following plenaries and master series sessions from past events.

Wednesday, Nov. 17

Master Speaker Session OR17
Featuring Hon. Martha Johnson
View archived video »

Thursday, Nov. 18

Master Speaker Session YL17
Featuring Arlene Blum
View archived video »

Residential Summit Opening Plenary
Featuring former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros
View archived video »

Master Series Session: Executive Roundtable GR17
Products Not Pollution
View archived video »

Master Speaker Session BL17
Featuring Mitchell Joachim
View archived video »

Friday, Nov. 19

Master Speaker Session PL17
Featuring Kevin and Hannah Salwen
View archived video »

Closing Plenary
Featuring Shaun Donovan and Paul Hawken as keynote speakers
View archived video »

Special Sets

GR02 Night at the Energy Modeling Improv - Featuring the Wizard of SD
YL04 Connecting to the Community: Project-Based Learning for a Greener Future
BL15 Tomorrow's Vertical Cities: Sustainable Design in Tall Buildings

Wednesday, November 19

Opening Plenary: Richard Fedrizzi
President, CEO & Founding Chairman, U.S. Green Building Council

Van Jones
President and Founder, Green For All

Friday, November 21

Closing Plenary: Science in Sustainability
E.O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus and Honorary Curator in Entomology of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
Janine Benyus, Co-Founder and Principal, Biomimicry Guild
Kevin, Klose, President, NPR, Moderator


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