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A01 - Nature Inspired Material Innovation: Factory as Forest (Outdoor)

Wednesday, October 5 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM | Petree Plaza

Abstract Text:

This session will take place in an outdoor classroom. Legacy Issues from Manufacturing and Industrial production have been the poster child for what is wrong with our current economic system. Building product manufacturing entails significant energy, water and carbon footprints that can have significant impact to the world’s climate and ecosystems. Thus far, the sustainability industry has been focused on the incremental steps of reducing negative impacts through recycling, reducing consumption, and efficiency measures. While significant progress has been made, particularly in regards to material health and life cycle impact transparency, durability and energy performance building products continue to have an outsized negative impact on human and environmental health. But what if we could make products the way nature does? Products created through low energy processes powered entirely by the sun. Products made from naturally derived local inputs and manufactured within the water balance of nearby ecosystems. Products made in factories that enhance an ecosystem rather than degrade it. What if manufacturing and industrial production could have a positive impact on the environment and society? That is the vision of the Living Product Challenge, a new program that reimagines the design and manufacturing of all products to be as beautiful and functional as anything found in the natural world. Join the International Living Future Institute, Biomimicry 3.8 and one of the world’s leading sustainable manufacturing companies to explore how building product manufactures are redefining sustainability to create regenerative and net positive products and facilities today.

Learning Objectives:

Evaluate case studies of products and companies that are challenging the current industrial paradigm to create products with truly net positive impact.

Outline how Biomimicry can be used as a framework for industrial production and manufacturing facility design.

Understand the Living Product Challenge and how the program helps meets the requirement of the Living Building Challenge and LEED

Explore how to implement the concept of Biomimicry and regenerative design in product design, manufacturing and material selection.

Learning Level:

Level 300 – Application/Implementation


GBCI Credit Hours:
AIA Credit Hours:

Education Tracks: Special Set: The Amphitheater

Event Type: Core Program - Special Set > Session


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