Continuing Education

Greenbuild offers continuing education credit for all core education sessions, most expo hall education, workshops and tours. Greenbuild 2014 offered continuing education credit for more than 200 educational opportunities. Most courses were approved for credit for multiple credentials.

Full conference attendees can earn more than 15 continuing education credits and fulfill credential maintenance for the year through core education sessions, expo hall education, and the opening and closing plenaries.

  • Core education sessions – earn 1 credit per hour of education (earn up to 10 hours)
  • Opening and closing plenaries – earn 1.5 credits per event (earn up to 3 hours)
  • Expo Hall sessions, including Expo Hall Discussion Sessions, Education Labs and some Expo Stage Sessions – earn 1 credit per hour of education (earn up to 10 hours)

View 2014 Continuing Education Credit by Session (PDF)

Accrediting organizations include:

  • Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI)
    Greenbuild is the place to earn CE hours for the LEED Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). LEED Professional CMP Hours were offered for all core Greenbuild education sessions. As of 9/26/14, 222 Greenbuild courses were approved for LEED CMP CE credit for the 2014 event. More than 35 LEED-specific sessions were also offered throughout the program.

    One-Click CMP @ Greenbuild allowed full conference attendees at Greenbuild 2014 to get more than 15 hours of CMP at the conference for no additional cost. That’s a full year of continuing education! And all of those hours were automatically reported to GBCI. To enroll in this program for future years, simply provide your GBCI number when registering for Greenbuild and scan in for every session and activity. Don't know your GBCI number? Find it through My Credentials on

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)
    As of 9/26/14, 207 Greenbuild courses were approved for AIA-HSW Learning Units. See the Greenbuild Education Sessions page for continuing education details on each course by clicking the session title.

    Your attendance at Greembuild 2014 in AIA-approved courses at Greenbuild was reported to AIA on November 7, 2014. To enroll in this program for future years, simply provide your AIA number when registering for Greenbuild and scan in for every session and activity. Don't know your AIA number? Visit the AIA Education page

  • Building Owners and Managers Institute
    (BOMI) USGBC is a provider for BOMI International Greenbuild 2014 courses qualify for BOMI International Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit for RPA, FMA, and/or SMA graduates. To receive credit for course attendance, your badge was scanned at the entrance to each education session you attended. Attendees were able to download a Certificate of Completion for BOMI-Approved course attendance on-site at Greenbuild 2014.

  • Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC)
    USGBC applied to IDCEC for selected courses. Please view the CE Grid for credit hours.

  • American Planning Association (APA)
    USGBC is not an education provider for APA. However, attendees can self-report continuing education credit to APA. Attendees can now receive a Certificate of Completion as a record of their course attendance. APA members can also log self-reported credits electronically from the CM activities calendar by clicking on the "speaker toggle" and following the provided instructions. Learn more about on self-reporting through APA.



Session Attendance Reporting


Attendance Recording

Attendance at education sessions was recorded through a name badge scanning system at the entrance to each education session. All Greenbuild attendees had to scan at the entrance to each session to record their attendance. Scanning began 30 minutes before each session start time and ended 10 minutes after the start of each session, after which credit was not granted. Attendees cannot earn credit for a course if they did not scan into a course or entered the course later than ten minutes after the start of the session.


Attendance Reporting

Attendance at Greenbuild 2014 GBCI and AIA-approved education sessions was reported to GBCI automatically and to AIA on Thursday, November 6, 2014,  for attendees who had included their membership numbers in their registration accounts.


If your membership numbers for GBCI and AIA were not included in your registration account, or if your credits have not been correctly reported to GBCI and AIA, email Attendance at Greenbuild 2014 education sessions will be reported to GBCI and AIA on behalf of attendees until January 14, 2015, after which point attendees must self-report using their Certificate of Completion.


Self-Reporting Attendance

Attendees can view their course attendance records and print a Certificate of Completion for self-reporting for other credentials in their dashboard. Not sure what courses are eligible for continuing education credit? View Greenbuild 2014 Continuing Education Credit by Session (PDF)


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